For Morning

For Morning shift its main task is apexvs to take guest lish The receptionist to record the guests who will be breakfast. The next turning on the computer and open the system casier to input transactions that occur clicking on the Night Shift. After completion clicking the data input when there is a cash transaction to room staff who work to deliver the original bill to the receptionist for the data back. Done clicking the existing data input subsequently menghintung same number of sales order transactions with the result that there is in the system staff in charge of the bill banquet, restaurant and other additions bill. apexvs

For Afternoun Shift main task is to continue trasaksi of previous shif. If no transactions after the open casier, staff can help to dinner activities, eg preparing buffets, set up tables and others.

For Night shif its main task to prepare purposes such as replacing fixtures breakfast table, one of them replacing the goblet into the cup, setting up a buffet breakfast, mix juice and other breakfash purposes.